Sunday, June 12, 2016 far...

My blogging has been lacking...
I feel like that has been the theme of most of my blog posts lately, and y'all can blame it on school!
Starting at A&M full time has been SO time consuming. 

I am taking a logic class for summer session 1 (phil240 for anyone who cares), and it is literally kicking my butt!!!
I go to class every day for an hour and a half, come home, and do homework for like 3-5 hours...yes...THREE TO FIVE HOURS!!!!
My brain physically hurts from this class.
I just keep telling myself that this is the price you pay to go to school at one of the nation's BEST DAMN UNIVERSITIES!

 Dannika dived into summer with a TON of activities. 
This past week, she did backyard bible club in our neighborhood through Grace Bible Church here in town.
It's an awesome alternative to a typical Vacation Bible School (VBS).
Families in different neighborhoods all across town volunteer to host a "bible club" at their homes for a few hours every night.
I love it because we had one in our neighborhood, and it was close enough to walk to every evening.

 D also lost her second front tooth, so she is officially "front toothless".
I think that it's adorable.

Apparently, we are only two weeks into summer, and Mattis is wiped out.

This is the first year that I did a "summer bucket list" for D. 
One of the items was to go on a "Barnes and Noble date".
She received a BnN gift card for her pedicure birthday party, so it was a perfect excuse for a mommy/daughter bookstore date. 
She picked out a Junie B. Jones book, the new "Owl Diaries", and a children's devotional.

Dannika will be attending her first sleepaway camp this week.
We signed her up to attend Camp Carolina Creek which is a Christian Camp just an hour away from our house.!
She'll be gone for 3 whole nights, and 4 days!!!!
Luckily, 3 of her best friends from her 1st grade class will be attending with her, and they will all get to be roommates!
I got her a trunk, and our awesome neighbors who own a screenprinting company in town hooked her trunk up with these awesome heat press decals! 
If you're ever in the market for vinyl or heat press decals, check out All Out Graphics!

Another item on D's summer bucket list was to get donuts from a local doughnut shop, Kai's Doughnuts. 
It's a specialty doughnut shop here in College Station,
We got the fruity pebbles doughnut, Girl Scout cookie Samoa doughnut, heath bar crunch doughnut, and the nutella filled doughnut.
All delicious, and well worth the early morning to pick them up!
I actually thought they opened at 5, and got there at 615, only to find out that on weekends, they don't open until 645-7ish.
But I was determined to get these donuts for my kids, so I sat in the parking lot for 45 minutes until they opened...SO WORTH IT!

 Besides my horrible logic class, summer has been pretty awesome!
I've spent a lot of time hanging out with my kids and husband, and just enjoying the warm (hot) weather!
I hope y'alls summer is off to a great start too!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Summer Birthday Baby

Since Dannika has a midsummer birthday, I always throw her a birthday party right at the end of the school year so that her classmates from school can celebrate with her before they head off on vacations and camps.
I've always done parties where "everyone is included", and I send out a set of mass invitations to her ENTIRE class.
Every year, I tell myself that I am never doing that again.
A birthday party with 15-20 kids running wild, buying party favors, and food, and entertainment is just exhausting, expensive, and did I mention, exhausting?!
I also realized that half of the kids that show up to her parties are kids that she rarely plays with at school.
This year, I procrastinated big time, and forgot to plan her an end of school year birthday party.
So in my scramble to put something together, I came up with the idea that she could invite only FIVE of her closest friends to go get pedicures.
Five little girls is WAY easier to plan a quick party around than 15-20 random kids.
Of course, her guest list ended up with like 10 friends, but I made her narrow it down to just 5. 
We will throw a party for her in July on her actual birthday with our neighbors and friends that are in town, so it made her feel better about not inviting some of her favorite gal pals. 

I literally bought all the decorations the day before her party.
Target to the rescue!

I ordered her cake from "The Cake Junkie" here in Bryan, and they did such an amazing job on such short notice!

These sweet girls have been such awesome friends since Kindergarten!

"Hey mom, let us take a selfie with your phone!"

These girls have so much sass.

After pedicures, we came home to have Chick-Fil-A and cake!

 We are so grateful to be continually blessed with amazing friends that Dannika has made here in Texas.
They're truly one of a kind, and they each have such amazing parents who have become friends of ours. 

I also just needed to add that if you are reading this, and weren't invited, it really was because I made Dannika pick only FIVE friends.
I guess it's a good problem to have when you can't decide which friends to invite to your party. 
We always do a BBQ, and party in July on her actual birthday with our family and friends that are in town!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

8 Years, 5 Zip Codes, 2 Kids

I suck as a wife this year.
First of all, I swore all month that my wedding anniversary was May 30th, and I even had to check our marriage certificate to find out it was actually May 31st. 
I always knew we got married the last day of May, but for some reason, I always think May only has 30 days.
I did get Nick a gift.
I told him he could get an after market exhaust for his truck.
Normally, I would have already purchased it and made an appointment for him to go get it done, but I didn't this year (FAIL).
Honestly, this semester has been so exhausting that when finals were over, I completely "veg'ed out", and did nothing for the last three weeks.
Our original anniversary plans fell through because of this "little" tornado that came through our town last week.
We had planned on going to dinner at a restaurant here in town that I've been dying to take Nick too (Napa Flats), and he was going to surprise me and take me to a hotel for the night.
Our nanny was going to drive down to watch our kids, but for obvious reasons, she didn't get to come on the day our anniversary was planned. 
Nick was so bummed out, and I hate seeing him like that, so...
I drove through a torrential downpour and through REAL Napa Flats on Friday and picked up a to go order of their delicious wood fired pizza and a shrimp appetizer.
I drove home, put Mattis down for a nap, and gave Dannika strict orders to go watch Netflix and not come out of our bedroom (unless she was bleeding or dying).

It wasn't what we had planned, but it was still romantic, and we got to have adult conversation (sans kids).

Our nanny, Rachel ended being able to drive down from her hometown on Saturday, so Nick and I got to go out and do some shooting at the range.

Today, we had shrimp and lobster at our house.
Nick and the kids got me flowers and cards, and a new double leather band for my Apple watch. 

Our anniversary this year wasn't anything grand or spectacular, but to me, it was perfect and special.
We have spent many anniversaries apart, and I am just grateful to be spending it with him in our home together.

Eight years has flown by.
We used to talk about how our 10 year anniversary felt like it was a lifetime away when we first got married, and now.....
It's hard to believe that we're just two short years away from it. 

Eight years ago, two young kids flew to Vegas and eloped after only dating (and knowing each other) for less than two months. 
We didn't tell a soul.
We ate at Hooters before we drove to a Vegas courthouse at close to midnight to stand in line with a bunch of drunk "Vegas brides and grooms".
I wore a purple Express tube top and jeans.
He wore his Alabama baseball cap, a white polo with light blue stripes from American Eagle.
We went to a cheesy Vegas chapel where we laughed through our entire "Vegas wedding vows".
We were young, in love, and didn't care what anyone thought of our crazy idea.
I think back to that night, and can't imagine us doing it any other way. 
That one night in Vegas brought us to where we are today.
The past 8 years has been the wildest adventure I could have ever imagined.
But I get to do life with the man of my dreams...
 the guy who makes me laugh...
the guy who drives me crazy...
the guy who used to tell me my love handles were sexy after I had just given birth...
the guy who I get to witness being an amazing father to our kids...
And most importantly, the guy who leads our family in Christ and is an example for others. 
I am so lucky to be yours Nicholas Mark...
I wouldn't trade this life...
The ups...
The downs...
The Bostons...
I wouldn't trade any of it as long as I get to do it with you!

Happy 8 years, my love!!!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Spring Semester, Done Sir Done!

WOW, I've really been sucking at blogging lately!
I thought that once the semester was over, I'd take some time to catch up on this thing.
Instead, I have been taking naps, drinking wine, binging on Netflix.....
I finished the entire Gilmore Girls series in a month (theres like a million seasons and like 20 some odd episodes per season), and have started One Tree Hill.
I watched One Tree Hill when I was deployed to Iraq in 2007, and remember really enjoying it.
So I decided to rewatch it. It's so good!
I've basically become a recluse, but that's ok.
I've also enjoyed just spending time with Nick and the kids.
I have about 3 more weeks before I start summer school, so I am enjoying what little time I have off the best I can.
I ended my semester with 4 A's and a B. 

Random selfie of me in my car on my way to my very last final of the semester at Texas A&M!

The B was inevitable, and I'm actually surprised I managed to pull off a B in that class.
Either way, I consider that a pretty good semester at A&M, considering I was raising two children while doing it.
Patting myself on the back.

This is my Ag Leadership professor, Dr. Rotter (with Mattis and me).
I made an A in his class.
His last class, we did a potluck, and he let me bring Mattis since our childcare was sorta messed up that day. 
Dr. Rotter's class was my favorite class ever, and a class I did the most growing in as a person.
I'm actually a little sad that I won't have him again my my future ALED classes I need for my degree.

My Mother's Day was pretty awesome.
I told Nick I just wanted some alone time to binge on Netflix, wine, and dinner cooked for me.
Oh, and I also casually mentioned that I did not want to hear the word "mom" all day.
But my two year old started following me around calling me "pretty lady"...well played, Nick, well played.
The kids and I before church :)
They make my heart so happy, and as "unpretty" motherhood can be at times, I am so grateful that I get to be a mom.

This was a fun little photo boot our church set up.

With summer fast approaching, we decided to give little man a shorter hair cut.
I'm digging it.

My sweet friend and neighbor Kayla (brunette on the right) has not been out without her precious 7 month old baby since she was born!
Our new neighbor Jana (the blonde) suggested we bust her out, leave the daddies to watch the kids, and go have dinner and drinks.
It was much needed for Kayla, and it was nice for me to get to spend time with my friend without a baby attached to her hip! lol.

 I took little man to Chick Fil A for a mommy/son date today.
He is definitely a handful and our most difficult child, but he definitely has his sweet moments.
Those sweet moments can melt anyone's heart, and make all the craziness become a distant memory...

 I haven't done much blogging, but if you keep up with me on Instagram (@domesticatedcombatboots), you can follow my crazy life!

Happy Monday, y'all!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Not the frilly rainbows Mother's Day post

I have a broken relationship with my mom.
The details are long and boring, but basically, I don't have the "Loralei and Rory Gilmore" (Gilmore girls reference) relationship with my mom.
I've never had the relationship that I thought every mother/daughter relationship should be.
My ideal "mother/daughter" relationship would be a mother and daughter who can talk about anything and everything...and mother and daughter who WANT to spend time together without it being forced...a mother and daughter who doesn't judge each other.
My mom and I fought a lot...and actually, at 32 years old, we still fight a lot.
I don't agree with a lot of things she tells me, and her advice is almost always unwarranted and unwelcome.
Sometimes, I feel like I am still 16 years old and still being constantly judged by my "poor decisions".
What is ironic is that ever since I married Nick, I think my decisions are pretty sound, well thought out, and for the most part....good decisions.
I have turned out to be a pretty awesome woman despite all that life has put me through.
I love Christ, and He is the center of my life, and because of that, the "ups" of my life are amazing and the "downs" of my life are bearable.

I think a big barrier in between my mom and me, is our past and the language barrier.
I'm also a first generation American, and I can only imagine how difficult it was for my parents to raise children in a foreign country.
Although I am fluent in Korean, there are feelings and emotions that I just can't fully convey to my mom.

Despite all of this, I have learned many things about love, life, motherhood, and God through my mom.
I have broken my mom's heart more times than I care to explain, and I have done the same.
However, it was never intentional.
When I became a mother, i realized that everything my mom did (good and bad) was because she thought it was for my best interest.
She's always had my best interest at heart whether I agreed with it or not.
I get it now.
The one thing that my mother has never ceased to do for me is pray.
She is literally the woman on her knees, crying to God, church at 5am every morning...praying mom.
Mother's day is more than flowers and brunch to me...
Mother's day is about how God can take a broken relationship, and turn it into something beautiful, desirable, and loving. 

So this isn't the "frilly rainbows" Mother's Day post.
I'm not here talking about everything wonderful about motherhood and my mom.
The truth is...
Motherhood is ugly sometimes...
Motherhood is sad sometimes...
Motherhood can be gut wrenchingly painful sometimes...
But what true motherhood never is (with God as your guide)...
Is the love that a mother feels for her children.

So with that...
Happy Mother's Day.

The kids and I before church this morning!
Mattis' face pretty much sums up how my relationship with him is!

My family at church!
All I asked Nick for mother's day is 1)A photo of me and the kids (check) 2) gym time after church and not feel rushed to come home (check) 3)dinner cooked by Nick (check)  4)I don't want to hear "mom" all day.......
My kids have been calling me "pretty lady" all day...
Well played Nick...well played....

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