Monday, April 20, 2009

2 Weeks All To Ourselves

Baby Shower gifts

Cutting my cake

Baby Shower

Mom, me, & Nick at her church in TX

The George Bush Library

Nick's very first Freebird's burrito

Sea World San Diego (April 2009)

Waiting to Watch Shamu

I know it's been a while since I've written in this thing. I'm not gonna lie, I got pretty lazy with it. I'm gonna keep my update short and to the point though...even though I have about a novel's worth of things to write about. Nick had about two weeks off after his last cycle so we made the most of it. The first weekend he had off, we decided to take a trip down to San Diego to go to Sea World. They had this "Salute to Heroes" thing goin on so we got in for free. SO MUCH FUN! We got a caricature done, and it is hilarious. Nick's ears are HUGE. I was laughing the whole time the artist was drawing us, cause I knew he was gonna make his ears the highlight of the picture. Nick wanted to buy Dannika a shamu stuffed animal. I thought that was really cute that he was thinking of things like that. It's sitting in her crib in her room right now. Her room is all set up, but I haven't really gotten around to decorating yet since I don't know when we're gonna move. We are STILL househunting. It is incredibly frustrating and stressful. We want to stay in Orange County, and as you can imagine...IT IS EXPENSIVE OUT HERE! The average 3 bedroom condo is going for $400,000. Our budget is no more than $350,000, so it's definitely a challenge. I've been praying about it though, so I know that God will find us a beautiful home to raise our family in and do his work in.
We went back home to Texas to visit my family last weekend. It was Nick's first time at my parents house and his first time meeting the entire Kim family. I took him to Freebird's and Wings 'N' More, and he fell in love with their food. I showed him around CS...the only tourist attractions we have...the George Bush Library, and the Aggie bonfire memorial. It went really well though. My mom took him shopping and bought him some designer shoes and a matching belt. My mom and sister threw me a baby shower at my Uncle James' house. It was way fun. Nick loosened up a little bit. He sang karaoke with my sister's boyfriend Aaron. That was probably one of the more memorable moments of our trip. We came back with about $1700 in cash to buy baby stuff, and it is already completely spent. We finally got a car seat, stroller, bassinet/playpen, and an infant bath tub. I bought a ton of clothes for her too. I can't help it. I know it's a waste of money to buy designer anything for an infant, but there's just so much out there.
Other than that, not much has been going on. I am officially in my third trimester of pregnancy. Everyone tells me that I have been carrying my pregnancy well, and that I don't look 7 months pregnant. It makes me feel better....even though I feel like a whale. I can't wait till July when she finally gets here. I love looking at all the baby stuff we've bought. It makes me smile...

Who knew, I'd be a mother....

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