Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu

                                              He looks good in a gown, doesn't he? hehe

I'm not one to really keep up with the news, so I wasn't exactly sure what was going on with this swine flu craze. On Monday night, Nick got home from work around 930 that evening complaining of being sick. He didn't look well when he came in, and it didn't help that I was slightly irritated that he was super late. He complained of fever, body aches, headache, diarrhea, and vomiting. Nick, being the macho super stud Marine Corps Drill Instructor that he is, made it through the entire day of work without telling anyone that he had a fever (and was around recruits all day screaming). He even vomited in private in some bushes after their PT session (physical training). I woke up on Tuesday morning at like 5 to use the bathroom (for some reason, that's when I ALWAYS get up to pee), and Nick's fever hadn't gone down at all, and he looked worse than he did the night before. I told him to get dressed so that we could go to the emergency room on base at Camp Pendleton. I immediately began wondering if he had caught the swine flu. I made sense. He had all the symptoms, and he worked down in San Diego....right next to the border of Mexico. It was reasonable to me. Of course as soon as he was seen in the ER, the doctor there was making jokes about the swine flu and laughed at the mention of the disease. So I just kept my mouth shut. After some chest x-rays, they ruled out pneumonia, and decided that he had a viral infection. They gave him bed rest and sent him on his way with some OTC drugs (mucinex, robitussin, tylenol...). I can't lie, it was nice to have him around the house for 2 days, but it sucked cause he was sick. I got off work early both days to come home and take care of him. I liked doing that. He was pretty much better yesterday, with the exception of feeling really weak, so I made him stay home an extra day so that he wouldn't spread germs to any of the other drill instructors or recruits. Needless to say, I'm glad that he didn't have the swine flu. My mom told him that he couldn't be sick cause he could get the baby sick. Luckily that didn't happen (yet). I feel just fine, so I am guessing he wasn't contagious. He's back to work today! So I guess we beat the swine flu...haha

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