Saturday, May 9, 2009

3rd trimester

Nick has officially recovered from the "swine flu"...aka...just a lousy viral infection. I'm at the point in my pregnancy where I'm extremely uncomfortable. I'm officially 31 weeks now, so that means i have roughly 9 more long weeks left. Mobility is difficult cause of this large bulging tummy. Everyone tells me that I look really small for how far along I am. I actually started worrying if my baby was growing! She is though :-) I failed my first glucose screening and my midwife told me that I might have gestational diabetes. I think the fact that I had a sugary green tea frappucino from Starbucks an hour before my test might have had something to do with that. I have yet to go back to go get my 3 hour blood test cause I have to fast for that one. Have you ever asked a pregnant woman to fast???? That is just absurd!! I'm not worried of gestational diabetes at all though. Health problems don't run in my family nor have I ever had any health problems growing up. I exercise daily and eat right so I'm really not worried. I've had to slow down on the running though. I just don't feel as light on my feet anymore. I've stayed true to the stairstepper and the elliptical machine! I even started lifting light weights again. The last couple weeks, I decided to participate in PT with my poolees and I managed to keep up in a beach run. I think it motivated more to see their pregnant recruiter running with them. Nick and I decided to go get another 3d/4d ultrasound yesterday. I'm 30 weeks now, so she had a little more fat on her and didn't look as HOWEVER, Miss Dannika wanted to turn her back to us the whole time so the pics we got weren't all that great. We tried everything to get her to move...wiggling my tummy, drinking an apple juice, and change positions a million times. She seemed content in the position she was in and was fast asleep. We did see her yawn though...that was totally adorable. Other than that, I can't wait for these next couple weeks to fly. I'm ready to meet her and see her. My baby shower is next Sunday, and I'm totally excited to see all my girlfriends...Kim, Jenni, Tillery, and Taryn. I haven't seen them in FOREVER!! Oh yeah...I wrote a 6 this many pregnant recruiters can say that????

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