Monday, July 27, 2009

Dannika Jane...2 weeks

This one is one of my favorites. Nick thinks she looks like a genie.

I invested in literally a couple hundred dollars on infant hairbands for Dannika before she was born. Now I have to find a time and a place for her to wear all of them!

Dannika's first Dr's appt. She's healthy and doing fine! (Dr. Michael Shannon)

So my mom finally left yesterday, so it was Nick and I's first day with Dannika alone. We took her out to Del Mar Street to get my hair cut and Nick's hair cut. She's such a good baby when we go out. I think the car ride and stroller ride puts her right to sleep.  Her umbilical cord fell off on Friday. It was kinda gross. Nick's mom actually asked if we had saved it. ew. lol. She's sleeping ok through the night. She has the occasional fussy fit. Nick has been such a wonderful hubby, and keeps the bassinet next to his side of the he does all the diaper changings and he feeds her from the bottle once a night, so that I can get a little sleep. 
Today is actually the first day I am home all alone with Dannika. Nick had to go into work for the morning. I was a little overwhelmed at first cause I couldn't get her to sleep, and I felt like I was a prisoner and couldn't shower, eat...or do anything. I finally just put her in the bassinet with a pacifier, and she fell right asleep! Thank god for pacifiers!
I am ready to start formula feeding her!!!

We found an awesome babysitter for Dannika named Kathi. She runs a small daycare out of her beautiful home, and Nick and I just knew she would be great for Dannika. 

Other than that, life is good...a little stressful at times, but nothing that isn't worth it for our precious angel. 

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