Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Labor??? Just kidding!

I went in for a check up today. I was (still am) sweating like a pig, have a ton of pelvic pressure, and just down right uncomfortable. The doc checked me and told me I was 3cm dilated. She said I looked like I was in labor cause I was sweating so bad and the hospital was comfortably air conditioned. She told me to go walk around for an hour or two and go to labor and delivery. Well, Nick and I kinda freaked out cause we weren't prepared for that news. I had driven my govt vehicle to the are the sequence of events....
1. Drove from base to my apt to pick up my overnight bag
2. Drove from my apt to my work to drop off my govt vehicle
3. Picked up my car and Nick got in his truck (that he left at my work)
4. Drove back to the apt to drop off Nick's truck.
5. Stopped at Mickey D's to grab some food.
6. Drove back on base to the hospital...
(this all took 2 hours and some change)

Only to find out I only dilated like half a centimeter more and am having no contractions...
which means...
they can't admit me. 
And they think Baby Dannika is really she got Nick's tall gene...

However, on the bright side...we got the keys to our home today!!!!! We officially move TOMORROW!!! Baby Dannika will have a room!!

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