Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ears and Halloween

Dannika is officially 3 months old. Nick and I decided to go get her ears pierced today at the mall at Claire's. It's my last resort so people will quit thinking she is a boy! Seriously...sometimes she will be in a pink onesie, a pink blanket on top of her, and a pink pacifier in her mouth and people STILL ask me if she's a boy or a girl. We picked out her first pair of diamond earrings and got her ears pierced. She was a champ! She only cried for probably 30 seconds and got over it. Afterwards, I bought her first pair of jeans from Old Navy, so I am really excited about dressing her in those. I decided to take an attempt at "professional" Halloween photos for Dannika for a Halloween card at home. They didn't turn out too bad...I'm no Melissa Lyn (her newborn photographer), buuuut not too shabby. I can't wait till Nick buys me my new Canon XS....YAY!

So peaceful...

At the Mission Viejo mall right before her ears got pierced.

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