Sunday, October 18, 2009

My baby is growin' so FAST!

I took Dannika to the mall in Ontario with me this weekend with Dulce, Andrea, and Dulce's son Christopher. We all decided to go do a little Vegas shopping. I got Dannika all dressed up cute in her little outfit with her big orange bow in her hair. Well yeah...that didn't last. As soon as we got to the mall, I decided to change her real quick in the hallway to the public bathroom in her stroller. As soon as I took her diaper off, she peed all in her car seat. I quickly pulled her out so that I could clean it out and handed her to Dulce (bare bottomed with no diaper on), and as soon as I handed her to Dulce, a little pooplet fell right out of her onto the floor and bounced next to Dulce's shoes. We were laughing so hard. Luckily, I'm a prepared mom, and had an extra onesie for her in my diaper bag. Of course the onesie I had didn't match her orange bow that I had, so the whole "looking cute" thing went out the window....she's always cute though...

This is her after the pooping incident at the mall

Passed out at the dinner table in her bumbo chair.
Her in her little sleepy suit. She sleeps SO good through the night in this thing. She looks like a little bunny in it.

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