Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sneak peek at Erin Dietrich's photography

Nick and I have been blessed to have been introduced to Erin Dietrich. We met her through Andrea...Sgt Jewett's wife. Sgt Jewett is a new recruiter that came to our office while I was on maternity leave. I saw a lot of her photography that she did for the Jewett's and then on her facebook of other couples and families that she photographed. I fell in love with all the pictures and HAD to have her take our family pictures and Dannika's 3 month pictures. I didn't want to do the "beach thing" cause I had my maternity pictures done there, so we decided to take our pictures at the Mission in San Juan...SOOOOOO GORGEOUS! I can't wait till she gives me the rest of the pictures she took. Here are the sneak peeks that she posted on her facebook for us. Nick thought these pictures belonged in a magazine! She did such a wonderful job! Thanks Erin!

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