Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween for Grown Ups

This year was Nick and my first Halloween that we actually dressed up for. It was great cause Nick's mom was here and she watched the baby at night when we went out. I was a border patrol agent and Nick was a Mexican...completely politically incorrect, but we made it work! We ended up going to the Beachfire bar and grill in Rancho Santa Margarita to have drinks and just hang out. I got to meet Tamra from the Real Housewives of Orange County there! She was batgirl and her husband Simon was batman. I was so starstruck (lame, I know). I told her Nick was going to Afghanistan soon and that my mother in law from England was at home watching my 4 month old...she let me take all kinds of pictures with her! I was thrilled...she was actually a lot nicer than what TV makes her out to be. Afterwards, we all went to this place called Corky's to have a midnight snack, but Nick got us kicked out of there. Some guy made a comment to me, and Nick had to defend "our honor". He started yelling at him like he was a drill instructor again...then Prax and Jewett had to chime in as well. The waitress kicked us out so we ended up at Denny's instead. Overall, the night was way fun. Here are the pics!

This is me wearing Ellis' girlfriend, Carrie's GINORMOUS boots...I'm actually taller than Nick...he's 6'1!
These are the ladies of the night and Jeff being "sniperish" in the background...he almost blends in with the wall

The boys...silly boys....and Nick looks like he was captured for being illegal by 3 Marines.
That's right!

Mr and Mrs Jewett =)

We are practically BFF'S!!!!!!
The dangerous trio
Tweedle Dee...and Tweedle....

Mr and Mrs Praxedes
I knew the mustache wouldn't make it through the night.

Tamra and the girls...

Nick and Jeff doing the robot...

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