Thursday, November 12, 2009

Marine Corps 234th Birthday Bash

Right after Halloween, Nick and I made our trip to Las Vegas, Nevada! My ball was actually in Laughlin, but Vegas is only 2 hours away and Vegas just seemed a lot more fun than Laughlin. THANK GOODNESS we went to Vegas, cause when he got to Laughlin the day of the ball, that city was so LAAAAAAMMMME. We stayed at the Imperial Palace Hotel. Each night, we all did something new. The first night, we went to a club called P.U.R.E. at Caesar's Palace. The second night, we ended up at Tao at the Venetian...where I broke my 80 dollar heels that I had bought THAT DAY!!!!!!!! Luckily, there was a shoe store open at the Venetian that night and I got some replacement shoes. The last night, Nick and I spent some time together at the Rockhouse Bar at the Imperial Palace. We all had an absolute blast with the team. I won Rookie Recruiter of the Year for my Recruiting Station and I FINALLY got a NAM!!!! I owe it all to my team and of course my wonderful husband Nick. I did however, miss miss miss my baby SO much for the 5 days we were gone. My mother in law watched her all those days. The drive home was soooo long cause I missed her so much. She now rolls over back and forth, she can grab her toys....she hugs you back...she eats solid foods!!! AAAANNNNDDD...she watches the Discovery Kids channel. My little princess is growing too fast for me!!!!!

Dulce and Thomas got remarried in Vegas!
Our first day in Vegas
The boys looking all sexy...epecially the bald one with big ears.
The trio gettin ready to go to P.U.R.E.
My handsome husband and I...he cleans up nice!
Our first 20 we won in Vegas!

The giant slot machine that we won nothing from
Before going to dance the night away at Tao

Nick dancing with the crazy old lady at Imperial Palace

Me in my BLUES....

My best friend, my lover, my HERO...

Dannika playing

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