Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cold Weather and Church Dedications!

We took Dannika to church today to be dedicated. The church that Nick and I have found and attend does not baptize babies. They believe that it's the parents responsibility to guide and raise your child to Christ, and one day, your child can decide on their own if they want to be baptized or not. Instead, they do what they call child dedications. We had our whole family in front of the entire congregation while Pastor Mark prayed for Dannika and for Nick and me. She looked very confused up on that big state with all the lights and this strange man holding I will get the pictures from the actual dedication from the church soon. It felt good to be back in church. Nick and I made a pact today in the car on the way back that we do daily devotions every day for our spiritual growth and for Dannika's.

The weather is finally cold!!
Dannika modeling her winter stuff.
at church

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