Thursday, January 7, 2010

Countdown till he leaves...

With Nick leaving in less than a week to Afghanistan, Dannika and I have been trying to cherish every moment we can with him. This is everything from the hour we spend in the mornings getting ready for work and getting Dannika ready for daycare. Nick as been wonderful trying to get everything situated for me when he leaves so that I won't have to worry. Theres been a lot of things around the house that I have wanted him to do, and he has been busy spending the last few weeks doing it ALL. We FINALLY got our pictures that Melissa Lyn Photography took framed and hung up on our wall. Those will be staying up for a long time since the pictures and framing cost us our life I finally got the pictures that Erin Dietrich Photography took as well, and got them up on our empty wall in our hallway! Nick finally finished ripping up our backyard and we now have grass! Lastly, my kitchen is more beautiful than ever...Nick put an entire backsplash up in just 2 short days! I am BLESSED! Our house is starting to feel more and more like a home every day. It still hasn't really quite hit me yet that I will be "husbandless" for the next 7 months, and I'm still trying to fathom how I'm gonna be a full time Marine, mommy, and a housewife all by myself! Luckily I have some awesome friends who I know will be here for me.

A bible quote I found that I feel is fitting for our family...

Baby Dannika at 3 days precious

Be jealous husband did my entire kitchen backsplash in just two short days! We picked out the tiles and Nick did all the work! It is BEAUTIFUL!

Chillin with daddy before he goes to work...Notice the Texas honor of the Longhorns today. They are playing Alabama in the BCS bowl!

I caught them taking a nap and it was just too darn cute. I'm gonna miss these precious moments for the next 7 months...

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