Sunday, January 24, 2010

Growing, Growing

It's been crazy watching Dannika learn and do new things everyday. I can't believe how much she has changed in the short week and a half that Nick's been gone ('s only been a week and a half??). Since he's been gone, her entire eating schedule has changed. She drinks less formula and gets a large helping of veggies twice a day on top of her formula. She sits up and plays with her toys by herself and she likes to lay around on the floor in the living room and just play. Did I mention, she has her first sippy cup?!?! Her dr. recommended that we give her one now to start getting familiar with it. As sad as I am that Nick is missing all this cuteness, I can't wait till he can get on a computer and see his princess. I always seem to forget that when a Marine deploys, his entire life is put on hold. Nick was fortunate enough to be here with us for the holidays, but he will miss...
1. Valentine's day
2. My 26th Birthday
3. St. Patty's Day
4. Dannika's first Easter
5. Cinco de Mayo
6. Dannika's First Birthday
7. Possibly Lydia's wedding

He will also miss Dannika's first crawl, her first cheerio, her first steps....pretty much the latter half of her first year in this crazy world. It makes me sad that Nick will watch Dannika grow up through pictures and short video clips that I post for him on here, but I'll do my best that he doesn't miss anything! Here are just some random pictures I took of Dannika.

After bathtime!

Playing with her suppy cup

Tryin to scoot along...she's gettin there!

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  1. I feel for you Hana! The Marine corps is a very hard place for a family to be raised in. But at least you will know that Dannika will have dozens of holidays to spend with your hubby in the future! That's the great thing about life, seasons come around again and again! (which means God needs to take care of our devil dogs and bring them back!)


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