Sunday, January 31, 2010


Nick biggest project since we moved into our house was our back yard. He spent over 2 months breaking up concrete with a sledgehammer and moving it out of the back yard...all so we could have a little grass. Most homes in California don't have nice luscious green grass like we do back home in the south, so he just wanted the yard to feel a little more "homey". He also wanted some grass for Dannika to play in when she got old enough to play. The week before he left, he put sod down in the yard, bought patio furniture, and made sure the grass rooted properly. We didn't take into consideration that grass grows, and that I would have to be the one to take care of it while he was gone. The original plan was to get my poolees to do it for me. I decided instead, to buy a 100 dollar reel mower (old school lawn mower) from Lowe's and mow the grass myself. It was EXHAUSTING! We don't even have that much grass! I assembled the lawn mower all by myself (something that took a little trial and error), and I proceeded to our "backyard" to cut the grass. For those of you who know me, most of my shoes are open toed sandals, heels, and flip flops. I own some running shoes, but I didn't want to deal with grass getting all over them. I put on 4 inch wedges, and mowed the lawn. The height of the heel kept my feet from getting wet from the grass. I'm sure I looked pretty ridiculous, but I got the job done. I can't wait till Nick comes home, so he can mow the grass, cause honestly...that sucked...hardcore.

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