Friday, February 5, 2010

Adjusting Life

I know I say this all the time, but I never knew just how much of a help Nick was when he was around.  Little things like washing dishes is a chore. Normally, he would watch Dannika while I did dishes or vise versa. It's become a challenge for me to do menial dishes. Thanks to my "smartness", I figured out how to watch Dannika AND wash dishes. I put her in her little bumbo chair on the counter, and she watches me wash dishes. It's so funny cause she just sits there and looks amazed. The one thing that has been such a blessing for me is the fact the Dannika can now hold her own bottle from start to finish. When I need to do things around the house, I know I have at least a good 15 minutes to accomplish a task while Dannika has her bottle. Dannika has been sick this week, and it breaks my heart to see her like that. I wished Nick was here to help me out...but if you're reading this baby...I did it all by myself! God has really blessed me with a husband who does EVERYTHING, but I think that one of God's purposes for this deployment is to teach me how to be more independent when Nick isn't around.

Watching America's Best Dance Crew...eating dinner...and taking a minute to look at mommy...
Watching mama do the dishes

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