Sunday, February 7, 2010

**Dannika's First Superbowl**

When Nick and I first started dating, I told him that the only man I would ever leave him for was Tony Romo. Since then, my infatuation with him has died down (mainly because Nick is just so amazing and theres no way I'd EVER leave him...not even for Mr. Romo). But from that day on, Nick decided he hated Tony Romo. He knew how much I liked the Cowboys though, and while I was pregnant with Dannika, he surprised me one day with a Tony Romo onesie for Dannika. It's for a 12 month old, but by the time Dannika is a year old, we will be way done with football season, so for today's occasion, I put it over her pink onesie and we went to spend the Superbowl with her friend Kanoa. She had a blast playing with Kanoa. We were rooting for the Saints, just because they had never won a Superbowl, and we thought they deserved to win....that and we really want Kim Kardashian to get married to Reggie But we're not fair weather fans and our heart still belongs to Dallas. Here are some pics from Dannika's first Superbowl Sunday!

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