Tuesday, February 16, 2010

♥Happy Belated Valentine's Day to US!♥

I came home from work today, and Dannika had a package delivered to our front door from her great aunt Gladys. She was very thrilled with her stuffed animals and had a ball playing with them. I was pleasantly interrupted while feeding Dannika her peas for dinner with the UPS guy delivering us two packages. I automatically knew they were from Nick cause he told me expect a few more Valentine's day gifts over the next few days. He sent me a necklace and a box of the most beautiful (and delicious), hand dipped chocolate strawberries. Every girl loves jewelry and chocolates! Since I am giving up sugar for lent (which is tomorrow), I have decided that I will just have to eat them all tonight! I'm not catholic, but I've always given up something for lent. It's a good way to test my will power and self control. My mom does fasting sometimes for church, and I think it's crazy how she can NOT EAT for DAYS!!!! It's amazing how prayer can make her "full" when she fasts. Anyways, here are our pics from our wonderful belated Valentine's Day! 

Dannika's Valentine's Day gifts from her great aunt Gladys

The beautiful necklace from my wonderful Nick

MMMMM...SO DELISH! As you can see, Dannika and I already ate one

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