Thursday, February 4, 2010

Playdates and Lunch with the Girls

The one thing good that has come out of Nick being gone is the fact that I have spent more time with just the girls than I have in LONG time. Usually when Nick was here, we chose to spend time with each other, and "girl time" was not a priority for me. Since he's been gone, I've truly realized the importance of friendships. I guess I've always felt that the friendship that Nick and I had was enough...that is until he left. As much of a challenge that recruiting duty has been for me (balancing contracts, mommyhood, being a Marine wife, and being a Marine period), the one thing that has come out of this duty that I will have forever are the wonderful women I have in my life. Dulce (my boss's wife) has been a lifesaver for me at times and has been the voice of reason for me when I am freaking out cause Dannika has a fever. She's got the biggest heart in the world, and since Nick has been gone, she has gone out of her way to come over to my house to check on me and to keep me company. She has really helped make some of the lonely days better. This is all on top of balancing her own marriage to a Marine and raising an almost 2 year old HYPERACTIVE son! She's one of the few women in this world that I get along with and have a lot in common with....even our differences make our shopping excursions and arts and crafts projects more interesting. Then there is Kim. I met her when her husband, Sunny, was in the process of coming back into the Marines after getting out. Her husband deployed about 2 1/2 months before Nick did...right after giving birth to her precious son, Kanoa. I never really got too close to her until Nick left. At this moment in our lives, we are both going through the same thing. Everyday is a constant waiting game if he's going to call or not. We rush to check the mail hoping to get a letter from our sweethearts. We spend ridiculous amounts of money putting together care packages to send to our guys...just so they feel loved, special...and so they know they are being thought of. Her son Kanoa is a month younger than Dannika. They love playing together. They're still a little young so most of the time they just look at each other and smile..and touch each other's There's an adorable little cafe in San Juan Capistrano by my house called the Sundried Tomatoe. I actually found out about it by watching the Real Housewives of Orange County! It's become a regular spot for Dulce, Kim, and I to go have lunch on saturday afternoons to just catch up, get out of the house, and get some DELICIOUS food! Here are the pics of Dannika and Kanoa playing after our little lunch date! Next time, I shall get a picture of the three of us together instead of just the kiddos!

"hey Kanoa! What's up? What's wrong?"
"Hey mom...he doesn't seem to like me!?"
"WTF?? I'm cute...everyone likes me..."
"Fine...I don't really like you anyways either!"
"Why do they keep taking picture of me?"
"Oh well...there are plenty of other fish in the sea..."
"This is horse crap..."
"Don't try and talk to me NOW. You had your chance bubba!"
"Shush your mouth..."

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