Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pure L-O-V-E

This week has been a very challenging and trying week for me at work. I prayed more than I usually do this week about EVERYTHING. Everything that could have possibly gone wrong went wrong. I started to second guess myself if I was really meant to be a recruiter. I guess I am still trying to adjust to doing everything from Dannika, work, gym, bills, household duties....just everything. Nick has been EXTREMELY busy, and he's been in river city for the majority of the last two weeks. I think not hearing from him is what that has made my week worse. Funny thing...I woke up one morning with the worst feeling in my stomach ever cause of work. I was stressed out to the point of having a headache and nausea, but as soon as I woke Dannika up and saw her face light up when she saw me...I just hugged her for a good few minutes and told her I loved her. It instantly made me feel better. That's how I know I am in love. Before Dannika, the only person that could make me feel that way after a rough patch was Nick, but Dannika makes me feel the exact same way. She is just so awesome. She laughs so much EVERYTHING, and it puts me in such a good mood to hear her giggle. The best part of my day is when I go pick her up from daycare...when Kathi opens the door and Dannika sees my face, she is instant smiles. It makes me feel loved and it makes me feel better about leaving her there all day. I know that at the end of the day, she missed me and is happy to see me. She's my world, and I couldn't imagine my life without her! 

This is her reading her Baby Jesus book in the morning before daycare...look at daddy's ears.

concentrating...(none of these pics are posed)

She doesn't suck her thumb...she sucks her middle and pointer finger....silly girl...when will my baby get hair!?

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