Sunday, February 28, 2010

Stayin' B-u-S-y!

Everyone has always told me that the way to keep time passing by fast is to keep busy. That's been no problem for me at work, but it''s when I get home that it's really sad. I love spending time with Dannika, but it's rough having alone time sometimes. I decided since Nick left that I would redo Dannika's nursery. I never got the truly do what I wanted to do with her nursery when she was born because we were in the process of moving. I figured now was perfect. I want to do her room in a hot pink and zebra theme. I started working on it, and I am just now waiting to get rid of her furniture so that I can buy white furniture to match her room! It's been a lot of fun redecorating. I'm nowhere near done, but I am slowly starting to go towards my goal!! It helps keep my mind off of Nick and it helps time pass by. Dannika and I had dinner with the Gilbert family tonight, and it was always! I met them through their son, Kevin who joined the Marine Corps through our office. I couldn't be more blessed to have met them. They've been awesome support since Nick has left, and I couldn't ask for better friends in my life! Here are some pics from my weekend!

The shelving unit that I put together for Dannika's room...that took me an hour and a half cause I put it together backwards!! One of those moments when I really missed Nick...

The new light switch cover I got!

Dannika on mama's bed

Before leavin the house to go to the Gilbert's house

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