Thursday, February 11, 2010

We have been slayed with MEPS this week on the medical deck. Our station should have been closed out this Tuesday, but the recruiting gods were not with RSS Mission Viejo this week. In turn, it's been a rough week on everyone. It's been rough for me trying to fit a 14-15 hour work day in 9 hours. Unlike the other recruiters, I have to leave at 5 everyday to pick up Dannika from daycare, and in the past I have even brought her to work with me after I pick her up from daycare. Of course, I never got anything accomplished cause a 6 month old always wants your attention. I never realized how much work it was to be a single mom, a Marine, a good wife to a deployed Marine, and a recruiter. I realized today that since Nick has been gone, I have had constant ulcers in my mouth from stress. Some of the stress is good stress though...meaning it's stress from being a single mom, but I love being a mom to my babygirl. I love picking Dannika up from daycare cause when she sees me walk in the door, she has a huge smile on her face for me and is excited to finally be going home. I love playing with her, listening to her laugh when she's happy or if somethings funny, and listening to her squeal when she is super excited. I bought her this cool little mesh thing that you can put food inside of, and she can chew and suck on it. I put a banana in it for her tonight, and she went to town on it!!! It's so amazing how much she does now, and I'm really sad that Nick is missing it all! This is her cute stage, and he gets to watch her through pictures. Below are the pictures from tonight of Dannika eating her banana!


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