Friday, March 12, 2010

2 Months Down, 5 More to Go!

As my avid blog followers know, ever since Nick left for Afghanistan, I have taken upon myself to do a few projects around the house to help make my weekends go by faster. I painted Dannika's room, hung up new art in my house, did a little rearranging, scrap booking, and much much more. I've also taken more time to just enjoy my daughter. She actually wants me to play with her and her toys now and gets angry at me when I don't play with her. Who woulda thought that I would have such a SASSYPANTS on my hands. I love spending every moment with her though, and it is all completely worth it. The other night, Aunt Dulce came over to the house with an awesome art project idea. She found it online I think. She came over with all the materials to make a countdown board until Nick comes home for us. How thoughtful is that?! It was a lot of fun to just relax, do some arts and crafts, eat some girlscout cookies, and gossip...what we do I think the board turned out totally cute. I'm just waiting to find a place in my house to hang it now!

In the making...

can you see my new blackberry next to Dannika's diaper??? 

The finished product. All the little white pieces of paper stuck to the board are letters and cards that have come attached to the flowers and gifts sent to me by my honey...

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