Saturday, March 20, 2010

20 More Weeks to Go (approximately)!!!!

My handsome Marine and his LT in Afghanistan

I was 'unpleasantly' surprised this morning when the Orange County Sheriff's Dept told me that I shouldn't leave my house today cause they were blocking off all the roads to my house...all day...due to the Festival of the Swallows (you can read about it here). It's a HUGE parade in San Juan Capistrano. I was a little peeved at first cause I thought I would be confined to my house all day long, BUT I decided to make the best of it and actually go check out all the commotion with Dannika. It was a nice mile and a half walk to the mission in San Juan. I ended up having a blast. Dannika LOVED watching all the horses and the colorful parade. She got SO many compliments from EVERYONE about her gigantic bow. We walked down to the Sundried Tomato Cafe and had lunch. It was such a great day for mama and daughter time. I reallllyyy wished Nick was here today to spend the day with, but either way, I had a great day at the parade. I can't wait till next year's parade when we can all go as a family

The Marine Corps' mounted color guard

Since the weather has been so warm, I decided to buy Dannika a pool for our backyard. She loves bath time and the water so I thought it would be fun idea. It's deep enough for me to put her in an inner tube to play in. I LOVE having a backyard for her to play in!!

The initial shock was no bueno...(the bikini she is wearing is from her Aunt Lydi)
Then she got over it.

After a TIRING Saturday...

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