Sunday, March 28, 2010

First time in 8 Months...

I feel like the luckiest mom alive, and I feel that God has blessed me more than I deserve when it comes to Dannika. She is not a fussy baby. She hardly ever cries. She's not very needy. She smiles and laughs at everything. She's just a baby that loves life. At church today, I dropped her off in the infant nursery for the first time today, and the nursery lady told me that "she is such a good baby, and she is so mellow!" I already knew this, but it sounds way better coming from someone else. She has never been sick either. Nick and I aren't the type of parents that freak out either about every little sniffle or cough she has. Our pediatrician, Dr. Shannon couldn't believe we were first time parents! He LOVES us.,..mainly cause we let common sense prevail when it comes to raising our daughter. Dannika now has two teeth, and her teething experience has been wonderful. I had heard other people's teething experiences, but there was nothing crazy about Dannika's teething. But I know that all good things aren't always gonna be good. This weekend, I noticed that Dannika was throwing up ALL of her food and wasn't having any wet diapers. She didn't have a fever, and she was acting like her normal self (minus the projectile vomiting). By Saturday evening, I was worried about dehydration since she wasn't taking the Pedialyte, so I took her to the ER. She was on the BOTTOM of the triage system since she wasn't really "sick". After waiting for several hours to be seen, I left the ER after they gave her an inital dose of Zofran (for nausea and vomiting). Today, she has been fine. She had been holding all her food down. The only thing I noticed was that she had lost a lot of her appetite. It started worrying me so I forced her to finish a bottle. backfired on me. My friend Kim invited Dannika and I over for dinner tonight (for a late birthday present). As soon as we got there, Dannika PUKED ALL OVER KIM!!!!! Like EVERYWHERE! But afterwards, she was fine. Below are the pics from Dannika's "date" with Kanoa. She is naked cause she puked all over her

And of course...we got a picture with the Easter Bunny today...

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