Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Funday

This weekend was pretty laid back for Dannika and I, and by "laid back", I mean she hasn't been in the mood to give mommy a break! She's got a runny nose and is stuffy so she's been pretty miserable. I got to talk to Nick on the phone this morning. I LOOOOOVE hearing from him, but when he tells me how much he misses Dannika, it breaks my heart. I know he's really sad when he hears Dannika on the phone and sees all her pictures of her growing up, that he's missing out on so much! Dulce's husband went on an all guys' trip to Vegas this weekend so we decided to get together and take the kids out. The weather was GORGEOUS, and it was just a great day to go to Cox Park. Christopher had a TON of fun on the slide and on his mini 4 wheeler that Nick and I got him for Christmas. Dannika was just happy to be outside. She enjoyed looking around and watching all the 'big' kids' play on the playground. We had dinner tonight with the Gilbert family. It's always a treat for us to go over to their house on sundays. They love Dannika, and I LOVE Gloria's cookin' *mmm mmm mmm*! Great food, great conversation, and great wine. Since Nick's been gone, I don't have 'family dinners' and it's nice to have a sit down meal with a family and have adult conversation. They've become a second family to Nick and I! It was a perfect way to end my weekend...

on to Monday! 

Upon arrival at the park

Dannika LOVES her Aunt Dulce!

Her first time on a slide (she didn't really slide down it...we just put her on it)

Christopher was really excited to hold her!

But he just wanted to pet her 'big bald head'

"Come on giiirrlll...let me touch your head..."

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