Thursday, March 25, 2010


Today I turned 26. A birthday that I didn't want to celebrate cause Nick is gone, and I just wasn't in the 'mood' to celebrate anything without my partner in crime. My BBF Dulce convinced me to go out for dinner for my birthday. I decided on a cute Mexican restaurant called El Adobe in San Juan Capistranot right by my house. I had never been there, and I was super excited to try it out. While I was hesitant at first, I gave in to her. I figured it was a good chance to catch up with some old friends that I hadn't seen in FOREVER. Kim, Tillery, Jen, and Sarah...and Miss Danni (whom I see regularly cause I work in the same office as her husband...and their ADORABLE daughter, Arianna is two months older than Dannika). I was SUPER bummed when Jen told me she couldn't make it, and even more bummed when Dulce couldn't make it cause everyone that I invited were all very important people in my life, but I was still excited to see my old friends. So...Today gave me some time to think on the last year....This has been by far the most blessed year I have had in my entire life.

My 25th birthday, I was pregnant with Dannika, and Nick threw me a surprise birthday party with the help of Sarah and my old roommate Eddie. Since then, my life has changed so much I can't believe it. Since giving birth to my daughter, my life has been one big giant roller coaster. I went from being the single carefree girl, to a devoted wife to a husband with a demanding job, to a mom....on top of doing one of the hardest jobs in the Marine Corps...recruiting duty. I went from basking in my success and becoming rookie recruiter of the year for my recruiting station to a substandard recruiter because I decided to put my family first instead of the Marine Corps (for the first time in my life). So, even with my crazy year, I couldn't have done it with a few important people in my life, and I think they deserve a shout out on my blog (they deserve way more, but this is all I have to offer for now...) baby sister who is about to become a WIFE! I can't believe it...can you????? We've come so far. I'm not gonna write much here cause I am saving it for your wedding speech. I do want you to know that I pray everyday that Dannika become the Godly person that you have become. I look up to your ability to connect with God in ways that I can't sometimes. I'm blessed to have you pray for my're amazing...the rest you'll have to wait for your wedding day... wonderful, devoted, sexy, caring, honest, loyal husband. There isn't a man like you in this world. When guys I work with tell me that you make them look bad...I can't help but smile. I know you're not the typical guy. I'm proud to call you my husband. You've bent over backwards for me to make me happy, and you've pretty much killed yourself for Dannika's happiness. What more could I ask for?? I can't ask for anything more, and some way, some how, you find a way to do more. You put your happiness aside to make others happy (especially when it comes to Dannika and I). I have never met a more selfless individual than you. You've picked me up when I was down, and even when I was wrong, you were understanding to me. You deserve the moon and back, and I'm upset at God that he won't let me do that...yet....I love you.

Kim...The first memory I have of you is when you died your hair black in the barracks and it turned purple for inspection. I laugh so hard thinking about it. I think about the time we used to talk about the "hot MSgt from 169"...hahaha. How far we have come since those days at 39! We were two single girls, breaking hearts, and living life in 'Oceanslime'. I fell in love with you because you never judged me....and I could tell you ANYTHING. We've gone through a lot together, and to see you now in your life, I can't help but be happy and excited for your future. I can't wait till Dannika is old enough to know what an amazing person her Aunt Kim is!

Tillery...meeting you has been a gift from God. I'm just upset that we didn't become friends the minute we met! I think both of us have experienced some things that normal chicks will never experience (you know what I mean!). Our lives are SO different from the old 'Carlsbad bar days'. Your drive and passion for life is awesome. Your love and patriotism for our BADASS country makes me want to re enlist over and over again! Your view on the world is one that 'retards' aka 'liberals' will never understand, and your goals that you have set for yourself is admirable. If my daughter has half the passion you do about life, politics, and relationships...she'll be set for life.

Jenn...Remember the Halloween party??? HAHAHA. Like've never judged me on anything on my past, and have always been the most approachable person to talk to. You can always bring a smile to my face and make me happy when times were rough. You've taught me to not take life too seriously cause it's short. You always know how to look at the positive things in life and you know how to bounce back from rough patches. You're beautiful, hardworking, and caring...anyone who doesn't have a friend like you is seriously missing out!

Dulce...You define the word "BFF". You are the one person in my life that has been there through the ups and downs of recruiting duty cause you're the only girl who has really understood the 'old' days when our station was closing out on mission day (and no one will ever believe that recruiting in MV was hard unless they were there in the Mattson, De La Rosa, and Gy Mac days). You were there for me through pregnancy, birth, and the life of a new mom. You've been my support since Nick deployed. You've taught me the importance of balancing work and mommyhood. I've fallen in love with your family and Christopher James. You've become a part of my family, and I am beyond blessed that I got to come on recruiting duty to meet someone as cool, fun, and amazing as you!

Sarah...Oh my dear If I wrote about EVERYTHING...I'd run out of space. It was totally a coincidence that Eddie became my roommate after my last deployment to Iraq. I would have never thought that you would have become one of my BFF's! I've had so much fun with you. You have seen me grow from single party girl to married mom. You've been with me through my bad relationships and good...before Nick. You are the most happiest, liveliest, beautiful people in the world. You always go out of your way for your friends, and I have never met anyone like you. Your laugh is contagious. Your style is to die for. Your ability to connect with just about everyone that you meet is amazing. I really feel that Dannika is one of the luckiest babies in the world to have Sarah as her aunt....and I am totally not blowing smoke up your a double 'S'. 

Eddie...What a total coincidence that we met while both of us were in Iraq and ended up becoming roomies and best friends. That green futon has got to go (by the way!) I've always been able to tell you anything and act like a complete idiot without worrying about what you would think about me. Most of our "deep and intellectual" conversations have been while we've been intoxicated, but those are the moments that I cherish. You're the most forgiving person I know (especially after leaving you at a bar TWICE and making you find your own way home.) I ALWAYS talk about how you were the best roommate that I have ever had. The best days of my life were the days when we lived in that apartment in Oceanside getting drunk on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and You were so much fun and one of the best friends a girl could ask for. 

These aren't the only people in my life that made a difference. They're just people that have stuck around for a while with me. I'm so thankful for them, and without them, I would not have made it to 26 with this huge grin on my face. I plan on turning 25 for the next 15 years until I turn 40...then I'll turn 30....

Before leavin' the house
Dannika after choking on a tortilla chip and her BFF Arianna

Blowin out my candle
Dannika and her Aunt Tillery
Dannika and her Aunt Kim
Dannika and her "rich" Aunt Sarah
Danni and the kids

Don't mess with Marine moms.

I only had TWO cosmos in the span of 3 hours...I am not drunk in this pic....just reallllly happy.

 my long lost friends!

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