Saturday, March 6, 2010

What does a tooth, Marc Jacobs, and Gymboree have in common?

Dannika is getting her first tooth! It's funny cause I thought teething was going to be absolutely horrible. Since she hadn't really shown any signs of typical teething babies, I didn't really think she was getting teeth yet. Yesterday, I put my finger in her mouth, and when she bit down on it, I felt a rough spot on her was the surface of a tooth! I guess I'm one of the lucky few that doesn't have to deal with typical teething issues (sorry to my moms out there who deal with horrific teething ordeals!). When Nick was here, we were still giving Dannika baths in the sink. She started outgrowing it, so I've been putting her in the tub. Nick never got to see that. SHE LOVES THE WATER! She splashes around and just has a BALL. She likes playing with her toys too. This weekend, I decided that Dannika needed new clothes. I was going through her drawer, and realized that she had outgrown most of it! We took a trip to the mall and ended up spending WAY TOO MUCH money. I got Dannika a whole new wardrobe from Gymboree and two new GIANT bows from the cutest boutique. I also splurged myself and got a few new outfits, and some Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses...TOTALLY HOT! I decided to splurge on a nice pair of sunglasses cause I haven't gotten any in a while. I also splurged on some nice clothes from Nordstrom's. I haven't really splurged on clothes since Dannika was born because I wanted to wait till I lost all my baby weight, but I decided that I am comfortable enough with my body right now to buy nice clothes! Speaking of WEIGHT...I invested in the 250 dollar bodybugg! It's a device you wear on your arm on an armband, and it tracks all the calories you burn throughout the day. You plug it into the computer, go on the website, and it tells you how many calories you've burned, then you plug in what you eat, and it tells you the ratio of calories burned to the calorie intake. I am determined to look HOT when Nick gets back :-) I'm excited that it's already March and it's another month closer to being a family again with Nick!

The new bows I bought Dannika today!!

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