Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dannika's First Easter

This last week leading up to Dannika's first Easter has been NuTz!!!! BOTH of us were sick with the stomach flu, and miserable. I missed an entire week of work with Dannika followed by NUMEROUS visits to the ER and to see Dr. Shannon. I finally broke down and called my mama on Thursday morning begging for help. She flew out Thursday a day's notice. Man...what would I do without mom?! She came to my rescue. It's been REALLY nice finally having a little alone time while Dannika gets to spend time with her Gigi (mom doesn't like the word It was really really nice having Easter as a "family"...minus Nick. We went to church for Good Friday and Easter and listened to the most inspiring sermon by Pastor Mark. I think it's important to know the true meaning of Easter. It's not about Cadbury eggs, Easter baskets, and Easter egg's about Christ being nailed to a cross and slowing suffering and dying so that we can all be free from sin. It's about his resurrection and his undying love for all of us. I want Dannika to grow up knowing the real meaning of why Easter is a Christian holiday. I did buy her a beautiful Easter dress to wear to church (where she got more than enough compliments). I love going to church, and since Nick left, I kinda stopped going for a while cause it felt lonely going alone, but silly me...It must have slipped my mind that you're never lonely in church cause you're surrounded by other christians and of course, the Lord. I took my mom to the Sundried Tomato Cafe for Easter Brunch. Dannika and I went to the Gilbert's house for Easter dinner...delicious ribs and chicken! It felt like a Southern style Easter dinner. Oh yeah...I forgot to mention...Dannika experienced her FIRST EARTHQUAKE!!!! It was a big one too! 7.2 at the epicenter...craziness! 

Dannika's Easter dress

Dannika and her bunnies and her "couture" Easter basket

Dannika and her "Gigi" beautiful mom who just turned 50 this year...can you believe it?! She looks like she's in her mid 30's still!!!!!

Watching her Gigi cook dinner on the barstool

Before heading out for a day of shopping with Gigi

Easter Sunday after church and brunch

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