Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dia De Los Merlot

I really enjoy dinner with the Gilbert family. I have officially adopted them as my third set of parents (my own, Nick's parents, and them). Dannika especially loves going over there cause of all the attention she gets and the yummy graham crackers they feed her! They invited us over tonight for dinner and to celebrate their son, Jake's 27th birthday. Gloria made the most delicious pulled pork sandwiches (and it was her first time making it!!!!). Their daughter Melissa made a birthday cake that looked like a fire hydrant (Jake is a firefighter) was great! I wish I took my camera over to take a picture of it! It's kind of become a tradition that I take a bottle of wine over. I try and take a different kind of merlot every time since my collection of wine keeps getting bigger and bigger, and I just don't really like drinking wine alone at home sometimes! Tonight I took "Dia De Los Merlot", and I must say, it is up there on my list of favorite merlots. Dinner is always delicious, there is ALWAYS good conversation, and their family makes me feel like being part of a family again. Once again...I'm excited for Nick to get home so that we can all enjoy sunday dinners together.  

                                                                                            weight loss to date since Nick left...15lbs!

Dannika sittin on mommy's stove

This is Dannika trying an ICEE for the first time...she actually liked it...even though her face may say otherwise.

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