Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mom to the rEsCuE!!!

I love my mom. We haven't always had the greatest relationship in the past (mostly cause of me), but ever since marrying Nick and having Dannika, it's brought us closer together. She was horrified at the thought of becoming a grandma when I told her I was pregnant. As you can see by the pictures below, my mom does NOT look anything like a grandma! However, after meeting Miss Dannika Jane for the first time the day she was born, my mom has fallen in LOOOOOVE with her. She refuses to be called grandma though, so we call her GiGi. She came out to help me this past week cause I freaked out and almost had a nervous breakdown with Dannika being sick. It was SO nice to have some extra help around the house and with Dannika for a week. I mean, my mom goes ABOVE AND BEYOND when it comes to household duties. Just as an example...she irons my daddy's pajamas!!!!!!! While she spent her short week at my house, she mowed our grass...trimmed the edges (with kitchen scissors cause Nick and I don't own an edger/weed eater), she handpicked all the weeds in my yard, rearranged our backyard patio furniture, cleaned my entire garage, cleaned my front porch, cleaned my entire house from top to bottom, cooked me some DELICIOUS Korean food, and on top of all that, she gave Dannika more attention than she has ever gotten in her whole life!!!!!!! My mom is Supermom and Supergrandma!! The only bad thing was that she spoiled the hell out of Dannika. So now Dannika is soooo needy!!!!!!!!! After dropping her off at the airport today, I felt really sad and lonely. It felt like going back to such an empty home. Having my mom here made my 'house' feel like a 'home' again. She is planning on coming back out here one more time before Nick gets back!!!!! I can hardly wait! Here are some pictures of Dannika with her GiGi this week!

Dannika's first toothbrush! You can't buy it in the states! My aunt in South Korea sent it to me and there's three stages of toothbrushes that grow up with her! She LOVES brushing her teeth!

While I was working, Dannika and her Gigi went on walks around the neighborhood. Gigi didn't want the sun in her eyes, so she made sure Dannika had her shades on...

This is Easter Sunday at the Sundried Tomato Cafe. Dannika is eating a roll...she LOVES their rolls.

She had a hard time keepin the shades on...

Ah screw it...we'll just make her look 'cool' and put them on her head.

Gigi's last night in the OC. We went to Tak-a-O in San Clemente for sushi! Dannika wearin her mama's shades!

I made these for Dannika's new room!

My naked bebe

Gigi's last day in the OC

Come on moooom....another picture?!?

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