Saturday, April 17, 2010


Yes...I have been slacking on this bad. Things have been crazy at work, and Dannika is an 'official crawler'. She is ALL over the place. I can't sit still for one minute without her getting into something. I kinda wish she would just stay a sitter for a bit longer. Dieting has been going good for me. I have hit my plateau though, so it is time to change my routine at the gym. I've been running like CRAZY, and with Nick being gone, I don't eat as much. I feel great, but I still don't feel like my body is post pregnancy yet. For those of you who know me, you know what a weight conscious health freak I I'm slowly getting back to that obnoxious girl that would literally ask the waiter at restaurants for a list of calories in the the food!!!!! Other than that, Nick and I are almost at the halfway point. As of tomorrow, we will have roughly 16 weeks left of this deployment. 16 weeks doesn't sound like very much, but in reality, it's like 4 months!!! I've done some thinking lately about our marriage. Nick and I have an extremely unique marriage. There are plenty of dual active duty spouses out there in the Marine Corps, but rarely will you ever find dual active duty spouses with a child, one deployed, and one on a special duty assignment (meaning demanding hours and scheduling). It made me smile to know that WE are making it through this as a team. I'm very blessed with the guys I work with in my office. Without them, I would be a hot mess! Another unique thing about military marriages is the fact that no other marriage in the world will experience the type of anxiety and separation of a deployment. No other marriage in the world will know the feeling of a homecoming...when the love of your life has been away in a dangerous place for over half a year...and seeing them step off that bus and reuniting as a family's an exhilarating feeling just to think about...I can't wait to feel it! Other than that, Dannika and I are just living life. She crawls, eats table food now, and she loves loves loves the Gerber Graduates Banana Puffs. She is obsessed with them!!!!! Nick says she's gonna turn into a banana puff if I keep feeding them to her!!!!!

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