Sunday, May 9, 2010

First Mother's Day

The only way my first Mother's Day could be any more special than it was would be if Nick was here to celebrate with us :-( He told me he wanted to make sure my first Mother's Day was extra special, and he made it a point to make me feel like a million bucks...even from all the way in Afghanistan! Throughout the week, he sent me not one, not two, but THREE bouquets of flowers...half dozen gourmet chocolate covered strawberries...and he got me a gift certificate for a day at the spa...AAAANNNNDDDD...he even took care of babysitting for Dannika so that I could have a day to myself. What a guy! My day started off with a nice morning workout, play time with Dannika, and an exciting trip to the grocery store! I had a random guy in the parking lot of the grocery store tell me "Happy Mother's Day!" totally made my day! I can't believe I'm a mom sometimes!
I decided to do some thinking about my mom, and came up with some life's lessons that I've learned from her throughout my years of growing up, and even though I didn't take her advice sometimes...ok MOST of the time...I can appreciate it now and can only hope that Dannika will take the advice (unlike her mommy). Even if she doesn't though, as long as she learns by trial and error, I'll be ok with that...

Lessons on Life from Mama Kim:
*some of this is light hearted...some serious...not all of these were things that were actually said by her, but things I have learned...
1) A girl and a boy can never be "just friends"...not saying it will ever actually develop into anything more, but at some point in the friendship, either of you will think about it being more.

2) The secret to a healthy marriage is to always have dinner ready on the table when your husband gets off work and iron his boxers and pajamas (yes...she actually did this...and my parents have been married happily for over TWO decades now!)

3) Marriage is not easy nor is it perfect, but you never want the world outside of your marriage to know when you have problems. It's not being 'fake' or 'putting up a front''s out of mutual respect towards each other, your family, and your children.

4) It is all about quality, NOT quantity. (ie: it's better to have that Louis Vuitton that cost your month's salary that will last you for 20 years and not go out of style than have 20 cheap purses in your closet that will go out of style in a year, fall apart, or you will never carry). 

5) Always leave your home looking presentable. Pajama pants and sweat pants are a no no. You never know who you're gonna run into!

6) Heels are an asian girl's best friend...even a little one. It elongates our rather short bodies and makes our legs look longer. My mom always wears heels...always....

7) Always wear sunscreen. My mom is 50 years old and she still looks like she is in her 30's...people can not believe I'm her daughter, and they have heart attacks when they find out she's a granny. 

8) Work hard and be honest in your work. Never compromise your morals.

9) Your children will appreciate the extra bedtime story you read to them. My mom used to read my sister and I Korean fairytales before bedtime. We would beg her to read us "just one more" after she would read a story to us. She always gave in. I appreciate the little things like that she did for me.

10) There is nothing in life that can not be solved by prayer. Pray about everything!

Before heading out on our Mother's day Albertson's...hehe.


Our beautiful front porch...

Front porch patio furniture that Nick's dad bought us.

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