Sunday, May 30, 2010

If Love Kept Us Alive...We Would Live Forever...

Dear Nicholas Mark...
The Love of my Life

I don't even know how to begin to tell you and express into words how I feel about you. The last two years have been nothing but complete bliss. I feel like we've gone through more in the last 2 years than some couples go through in their entire marriages. We jumped in with our eyes closed not knowing what to expect. The long hours that you worked as a drill instructor and the lonely nights I spent while you were training recruits...the long hours I put into my first year of recruiting duty...and even after working a straight 72 hour shift down at the still managed to make the hour drive home and sit in my office till the late hours of the night with me while I made my evening "TC's". You never complain.

I thought the first year of our marriage was the toughest with both of us on demanding assignments. Was I ever wrong! But your love for me has kept me going every day.

Thank you for being so patient.

Thank you for not being the "typical guy".

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to know what love feels like.

Thank you for giving me the gift of life...our chunky cheeked, Dannika Jane.

Thank you for letting me come into your life and become Mrs. Nicholas Mark Romer (afterall, that's what it says on all my checks :-)

Thank you for being my voice of reason.

Thank you for always "having my back".

Thank you for being such a hard worker.

Thank you for all the wonderful (and even the no-so-wonderful) memories.

Thank you...Thank you...Thank you...

I don't think I could say it enough...

I love you more than Bert loves Ernie...and more than Big Bird loves Snuffy...
I love you as big as the sky...times infinity...

I can't wait till you're back home in my arms again...I never stop thinking about you

One of the first pictures I ever took of Nick...wearing that darn Alabama hat that he loves so much...

One of our first his truck...there's that hat again

Pick up week...I used to meet him when the recruits were in class or something and just sit in the parking lot in my car with him and talk....well he'd fall asleep...but I just liked having him close...even if it was only 15 minutes...

Always a crazy fun time together...that hat again...

Recruiters' school....(hat)

Right before we were off to get married....just the two of one else...And yes...he wore that darn hat when we got married...he calls it his "lucky hat"

Right afterwards...Can you tell he's tired??? He was on lights...(meaning he had to be at work by 0430 and didn't get off until 10 in the evening)...we literally flew to Vegas as soon as he got off married like 3 hours later (courthouses there never close)...left the next morning...just in time for him to go back to work :-)

Our first Jack-O-Lantern

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