Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

This Memorial Day is extra special to me. Memorial Day to me is not a day of celebrations, beer, and bbq's. I think people often forget why the holiday even exists. If it weren't for our men and women in uniform, there would be no day off from work today. The fact that Nick is currently over in Afghanistan right now, it makes today a little more somber for me. I was watching the memorial at Arlington National Cemetery this morning, and got a little choked up. I could not imagine how I could go on with my life if anything happened to Nick. I can't begin to imagine the families out there that have lost loved ones in war. Today is a special day for me. A day to reflect on everyone who has sacrificed their lives and on everyone who puts their lives on the line in order for us be free.

Semper fidelis. You Are Never Forgotten...

To cure my loneliness, Dannika and I went to lunch in San Clemente with Dulce and Christopher.
Check out her new Converse kicks!

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