Sunday, June 13, 2010

2nd Phase...Goin up North!

What exactly does my title mean???
When Nick was a drill instructor, I used to measure the amount of time I got to see him based on what part of training they were in during their cycle. 
1st Phase (the first 4 weeks of boot camp)...I hardly ever expected to see him, and if he did come home...he was too tired to even notice I was alive
2nd Phase (next 4 weeks)...the platoons would move up to Camp Pendleton from MCRD for 4 weeks for rifle range and field training (hence the phrase, "going up north!") 
 I got to see him a little bit more and a little more often since Pendleton is a lot closer to San Clemente (where we used to live) than MCRD.

I loved when they went into 2nd Phase cause for some reason, because those 4 weeks flew by so fast. After 2nd Phase was obviously 3rd Phase, and it was just all downhill from there.

Since the last 13 weeks of Nick's deployment, I've been treating it just like he was on the drill field. It makes me feel better. Afterall, I did survive his tour on the drill field...while being pregnant...and while on recruiting duty!

On another note, my sister came out last week to visit Dannika and help me out with her (for a day). She'll be back this week (for a day) to help out again. I was originally supposed to fly home with her for her wedding shower this week, but due to work, I decided that it was not a good idea to do so.  Dannika LOVES her Auntie Lydi!

I have neglected to take Dannika to the beach since the Summer has started because I've been so self conscious about my post baby body. I finally decided I felt comfortable in a bathing suit today, and spend an hour at the beach just hanging out with Dannika. She LOVED watching the water...but she HATED the cold Pacific. I dipped her feet in it, and she flipped out. She's such a diva. She was just content hanging out on the sand and tanning...while stuffing her face with banana puffs.

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