Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy First Father's Day to My Hero

Some people are just meant to do certain things in life.
was destined to be a father
definitely more so than I was to be a mother.

Dear Nick,
         I know how much it breaks your heart when you hear about all the new exciting things that Dannika is learning everyday because you can't be here to witness all of it. I know you live for the little pictures and videos that I send you cause it's your little piece of heaven. I really do mean it when I say the phrase, "Some daddies defend their daughters from boys and bullies, but YOU defend Dannika from terrorists". Because of people like you, we'll be able to send Dannika to school to learn about the world we live in...take her to church to have a relationship and to learn about God's love for her...she'll get to play and learn to make decisions. All of this is possible because people like you. I don't think you could possibly do any more as a father than that. So even though you can't be here physically all the time, don't ever think you are any less of a father. If anything, you are more of one. 
        Throughout Dannika's life, she'll experience pain, sorrow, and heartbreak. I find comfort in knowing that you are her father, and that you'll be the one to console her, pick her back up, and send her on her way.  One day a boy will break her heart, and I know you'll break his face if that happens, and then tell our sweet baby girl that the only man she'll ever need in her life is her father...hehe. She'll also experience joy, love, and peace. I want her to soak those moments in. I want her life to be full of it, and I know that you'll bring that to her. Whether it's taking her on a bass fishing trip or a hunting trip....teaching her how to work on your truck...cause as much as I will do my best to raise our daughter to be a girly, dainty, diva...she'll be able to hold her own and outdo all the boys in everything...cause even though she was born here in SoCal...she will be a true Southern Girl at heart. 
         One day...we'll be saying bye to her as she packs up her things to go off to journey life...whether it be college, work, or maybe even the Corps (ok we may have to discuss that one as a family). I know for a fact that with you as her father, we won't have anything to worry about when she leaves us. I know that she will be equipped with the spiritual, emotional, and physical strength to make it on her own and taste what success and failure feels like, but she'll always bounce back from the lessons that you will teach her. 

I could go on and on...but baby...

Happy First Father's Day!

Remember this crazy day??? The day you got to finally meet your daughter?? I do. It was the single most sweetest day of my life to see you with her...

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