Monday, June 28, 2010

Picture Crazy

Since Nick's been gone...i've made it my mission to take as many pictures as possible of Dannika so that he doesn't miss a second of her life while he's gone. I was introduced to the world of "professional photography" (meaning....not the cheesy department store photos) when I was pregnant with Dannika. I found an ad in a magazine for a local photographer named Melissa McEachran. I called her and scheduled a photoshoot for maternity and newborn photos. After seeing the quality and beauty of the pictures she took...I was in love. She took some mommy and me photos for Dannika and I for Nick. She has these beautiful albums and DVD slideshows that she makes, and I wanted to send one to Nick for our 2nd wedding anniversary. I met Erin Dietrich through a fellow recruiter at my office. His wife just happened to be really good friends with her, and she recommended her to me. What a blessing that has been! She has taken Dannika's 3 month photos, 6 month photos, and 1st year photos. Her photos are amazing, and every time I've done photos with her, I catch myself saying that "these are the best ones yet!". I recruited a young man named Brandon last year into the Marines. He is now a firefighter in the Marine Corps. I was introduced to his sister, Stefani Welsh via facebook! She is also a photographer! She took some pictures at Laguna Beach of Dannika (and a few of me) for an album she put together as a father's day gift for Nick. 

People may think I'm a little crazy with all these pictures, but I truly believe that these moments are priceless, and I don't want Nick to miss a second of Dannika's life just because he is busy defending our country!

I am so blessed! 

Here are the pics from Stefani's photoshoot. I have been DYING to post these pictures, but I wanted to wait till Nick got his album in the mail before I put them up! ENJOY!


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