Sunday, June 27, 2010

Playing Catch-Up

This is Nick and his "roommate" in Afghanistan, Lt Boera. 
Words can not describe the dorkiness of this picture.
But seriously...what Marine DOESN'T have a picture of them flexing their "guns"...
But I still love him.


I have also been majorly slacking on my blog, and Nick actually requested that I update it. He never asks me to do that, so that must mean, I'm not doing my job and keeping him, my family, and my faithful followers informed of what is going on in my life. There's actually not much going on it which is the reason why I haven't been posting lately. For father's day, our second family, the Gilbert's invited Dannika and I over to their house for some burgers and potato salad...yum! As always, good food and good wine made for a pleasant Sunday evening. Dannika loves their dog Pepper and torments the poor dog. 
Checkin' out the delicious food. Dannika's favorite spot at the Gilbert's house is sitting on the island in their kitchen and watching Gloria cook...this is her spot!

Dannika is my life consists of little to no sleep, and taking care of myself, work, and one tired cranky baby! 

Dannika's first birthday is also coming up on July 12!!! It's bittersweet. It honestly feels like just yesterday that I was screaming bloody murder for an epidural...then screaming some more when the nurse told me those dreaded words.."Hon, it's too late for an epidural. You gotta go all natural". I believe the next words that came out of my mouth after that was "Help me Jesus!" as I cried in pain while holding onto Nick's arm with a death grip like no other. SERIOUSLY!!!
I'm really sad that Nick won't be here to celebrate her birthday, which turned me off to the whole idea of planning a birthday party for her, but I have wonderful parents who decided to fly us out for 4th of July weekend though and throw Dannika a traditional Korean style birthday party in TEXAS! I am beyond ecstatic!

And of course...
I had Miss Erin (Erin Dietrich Photography) take Dannika's 1st Birthday Photos! She took Dannika's 3 month photos and 6 month photos, so it just seemed fitting that she take her 1st year birthday photos! She just recently opened a studio, and she has such pretty backdrops and props...her pictures are GORGEOUS, so I couldn't wait to get some studio portraits of my little Princess. Here is the sneak peek she posted on her facebook fan page. And if you really want to know how she got these great "smiling" shots of Dannika...Erin becomes quite the "entertainer" when she photographs entertainer...I mean...big goofball :-) Hey, it works, though. Look how natural they all look?! (in case you didn't get that the yellow letters in the paragraph above are all links)

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