Saturday, June 5, 2010

"Your son is adorable..."

"Thanks...SHE is beautiful, isn't she??"

People often mistake my beautiful baby girl for a little boy. I think part of the reason may be the fact that she is lacking a little on top...*luscious locks of beautiful hair*. Unfortunately, she is doomed. I was a baldie until like age 4...and Nick was a baldie until he was like 2. I have thick long straight hair now. I've never had a hair dresser not compliment me about how gorgeous my hair is...not to sound conceited or anything...but I love my hair. I thank my asian roots for that one. I am hopeful that one day, Dannika will have gorgeous hair. However...until that day comes...she will continue to wear giant flowers and bows on her head, and she will always have little diamond earrings in her ears.

my pretty girl

Plaid shorts...and even with a pink bib...I guess she slightly resembles a little boy here..

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