Monday, July 5, 2010

Dannika's First 4th of July and "Dol"

"Dol" means First Birthday in Korean, by the way.

I am so blessed with such a wonderful family.
My dad flew Dannika and I out for 4th of July weekend to throw Dannika a traditional Korean First Birthday. First Birthdays are a big deal...but they're an even bigger deal in the Korean tradition. 
Here are the pics from our FAB weekend!

In front of our parent's house

Why do I love Texas??? Patriotism. This was not planned. Every house on my parent's street flew an American flag in their yard on 4th of July!

Dannika and her "Gigi" (grandma) hanging out on the walkway to our house.

Before leaving to go to Houston for the big Birthday bash!

My parents house...of course we have an American flag out front!!!

She was a little scared by all the commotion after singing "Happy Birthday"...yes...that is frosting on her face.

Beautiful Princess in her traditional Korean Princess Dress.

In the Korean tradition...on the first birthday, they put rice, yarn, and pencils in front of the baby to see which one they pick. If they pick the yarn it means that they'll live a long life...if they pick the rice it means they'll live a wealthy life...if they pick the pencils, they'll be extremely intelligent. Dannika picked the rice and the pencil at the same time! I guess she'll be supporting Nick and I!! haha

Dannika and her great grandparents!

Aunt Sharon, Dannika, and my grandma

Dannika and my Uncle Scott (she was intrigued by her orange)

Uncle James

She loves playing with my baby cousins Sophia and Joshua! They LOVED her!

My Aunt Hanah (who catered the ENTIRE party), and Dannika with "pigtails"

Our last day in Texas.... :-(

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