Sunday, July 11, 2010

Friends...Always Show Up When You Need them the Most

I think these last few weeks of the deployment have been the most stressful.
Just dealing with life and having no one to really talk to about what I'm going through makes it rough.
I've felt like up...
I just needed someone to ask me... "Hey...are you ok? How are you doing?"

Sarah to the rescue...

I feel like I really have no friends here in Orange County, and I've lived here for 2 years now. 
I hate how the Marine Corps always seems to separate me from my close friends.

I have very few true close girlfriends in my life.
We've been through thick and thin together, and we're still friends.
We've never judged each other.
We've always been there for each other...even from afar.
We've always forgiven each other.

That's what true friends are.

MISS SARAH PRINCESS (yes...Princess is her ACTUAL middle name on her birth certificate)

I was surprised today by Sarah. Totally random trip to come visit us!
I ALWAYS have things to talk about with Sarah.
She understands the "asian" side of me.
She listens...
a day filled with conversation about Louis Vuittons, relationships, babies, and gossip.
"Linner" at the Sundried Tomato Cafe

This weekend made me forget temporarily about "life"...
I felt free for a moment. 

"Everything's gonna be ok"

Some pics of my babygirl....

She has figured out how to "lowcrawl" under our coffee table....she DEFINITELY has two Marine parents.

Playing with her toys...

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