Friday, July 16, 2010

Mommyhood, Wifehood, and Marinehood

What do these two things have in common????

Give Up??

They are two things that I am extremely proud of. 
Let me explain.

The first picture is a picture of the plaque I won last year for being Rookie Recruiter of the Year. I'm proud of it because it's the first time in my entire time as a Marine that I really achieved something. My entire career up to that point...I was just "there". I showed up to work on time everyday, did what I was told, and tried not to complain. I never really did anything TOO spectacular, but I considered myself a "good Marine". I came on recruiting duty with a drive to do something better, and to really be good at something for once. 
That little piece of wood with an NCO sword in it and a little green and orange ribbon that I received (NAM) me...isn't even worth what I put myself through.

I spent the 3/4 of my first year of recruiting duty pregnant. I TC'ed, AC'ed, and did high school visits with a giant prego belly. I worked 60 hour weeks...and with Nick in tow...I did 3am MEPS runs to LA while dealing with being pregnant, fat, heavy, and miserable. I threw up in the middle of a class talk. By month 7, I couldn't even fit into my coraframs or my boots. I did interviews in sweat pants and LARGE Marine Corps t-shirts cause that's all I felt comfortable in, and that was all that i could breathe in. 

Did I do it all on my own???


My team was awesome. They hooked me up...
They were there for me.

That was my first year on recruiting duty. The only thing that mattered to me was being a good recruiter and writing contracts...that was it.


The second picture is my daughter, Dannika Jane Romer.
She is the proudest accomplishment that I have in my life. There is nothing that tops her. When she came along, my entire world changed. Contracts didn't matter anymore. Being a "balla" at all hands didn't matter anymore. 
All that mattered to me was that I was going to be enough of a mother to her to grow up to become a successful, loved, beautiful woman. That was tough for me because I spend more time at work than I do with her sometimes.
When Nick left for Afghanistan, I had to choose between being a good recruiter and being a good mom. I couldn't be both on my own...I know women that can, but I'm just not one of them. I chose to focus on motherhood. 


So what is the purpose of this blog? 


I had a long talk with my RI (recruiter instructor) today at work. At first it was an ass chewing...about how much I sucked (pretty much). Then it became mentorship.
I learned a lot about myself, being a mother, a wife....

and this job....

I guess you'll just really have to truly know me to know the rest of this story...

but so far, it's pointing to a happy ending.

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