Sunday, July 4, 2010

"I wouldn't be an American...

If it wasn't for Texas..." -George Strait

I love Texas.
I forget how much I love it here until the few times a year I get to come home.
I love College Station.
I love Freebird's...
I love Kolache Rolfe's...
I love how patriotic everyone seems to be here.
I love how friendly everyone is.
I even love the ridiculously muggy, humid, hot Texas summers.
I never want to leave.

I haven't quite gotten the R&R I really wanted to get while being home, but it's been nice to just not have to worry about Today is the 4th of July! We are also celebrating Miss Dannika's 1st Birthday in Houston with the rest of my family. I will have to post those pics later. Here are my pics from the trip so far...and of course...a few of my favorites from Dannika's First Birthday Photoshoot with Erin Dietrich Photography.

Dannika is officially OFF the bottle and is onto big girl cups! We starved her for an entire day...until her survival instincts came out. She got hungry enough to finally drink from her arch nemesis...the sippy cup!!!! It was a very emotional tiring day for both my mom, my dad, Dannika, and I, but we did it!!!

Some of my FAVES from the photoshoot!

One Proud Grandpa!

This is Dannika in her custom made (all the way from South Korea) traditional Korean first birthday dress. This is what the old Korean Princesses used to wear back in the day, and everyone knows that Miss Dannika is quite the stubborn Princess...

My parent's gorgeous backyard

Just chillin in Aunt Lydi's room. Thanks for letting me borrow it!!!

Silly Girl.

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