Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Breathe, Relax...

We are less than a week away from being a family of THREE again.
I have been a wreck the last two weeks!
My face has been breaking out like crazy...
I have been having crazy, crazy, crazy insomnia.
 I'm exhausted in the evenings, but I just toss and turn in my bed thinking about being reunited with Nick again.
I feel like the house is a mess still.
I want to make sure Nick's truck is all in order.
I feel like I don't have time to do ANYTHING with work and Dannika.

This last week has been dragging by...S---O........S---L---O---W.
Nick is now on a different part of Camp Leatherneck, so he has access to a really crappy wifi connection that we skype disconnects like every 10 seconds, but I'll take anything!

I went on a major shopping spree last weekend.
I bought an outfit to wear to the homecoming...amongst just a FEW other things...oops
and splurged on some Kate Spade slingbacks...(pictures to come later).

With all this anxiety and anticipation...I'm going absolutely crazy. 

Today, I finally decided to just breathe...relax...and let the time go...

"Time to shave my legs!"

Don't let this face fool you...cause behind this an anxiety attack waiting to happen!
We both have to put up with eachother's craziness...I'm dealing with her teething...and she's dealing with my stress...we're both a hot mess

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