Thursday, August 19, 2010

Busy Busy Busy...but as a Family of 3 :-)

He's finally home!
After expecting him home as early as the 7th, he ended up arriving on the 10th!
I have never anticipated something so much in my entire life.
The morning of the 10th, my nerves were going C-R-A-Z-Y!
I forced myself to go on a quick run to calm my nerves, and got myself together to get my man.
After they arrived on base, the waiting was AWFUL...

You know...

the whole turning in weapons thing took FOREVER.

Thank God Nick's friend Geoffrey was there along with Erin (Dannika's to keep me company.

After waiting for nearly 2 hours...
I finally got to give him the biggest hug and 7 months worth!
We became the Romer's again...

I can't even describe the feeling...the emotions...AHHH!

It took Dannika a little bit to get used to having someone else around, but she is absolutely in love with her daddy...especially since he spoils her...too much sometimes :-)

It's so great to have him home with us again!

and of course...a special thanks to Erin Dietrich Photography for the photos and making my homecoming so special!

My sign that I made for him...he will get crap for this forever
patiently waiting on daddy...

Missed him SO MUCH!
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I've been waiting 7 months for this moment...
Finally just the 3 of us again
Not sure what to think yet..."Hey, we have the same ears!"
Getting her used to daddy again
Daddy's girl
He won her over with the teddy bear he bought for her in Ireland


Two days after he got back, we flew to Texas for my baby sister's wedding.
After a stressful day leading up to the actual wedding...

the wedding turned out absolutely perfect. 

Dannika was such a hit at the wedding!
We weren't sure if people remembered it was Lydia and Aaron's

The wedding was held at Ashton Gardens in Houston.
The ceremony was beautiful, and the reception was a BLAST!

The weather was AWFUL....gotta love Texas summers, right?
106 degrees with a ridiculous amount of humidity...
You know it's hot when 1) the professional photographer doesn't want pictures outdoors cause they're afraid our make up would melt and 2) at 9 at night, it's 98 degrees outside...

Aaron's friends and groomsmen from up North were all wonderful, and I was blessed to have gotten to meet all of them.

Lots of tears, laughter, and smiles...

I couldn't ask for a better brother-in-law.

Congrats to Dr. and Mrs. Yang!!!

and Welcome to the Kim family Aaron!! You're in for a real treat ;-)

The matchmaker (Aunt Sharon) and my mom
Son in law and mom
the dress
at the hotel before the wedding
Great grandma and Dannika

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