Sunday, August 1, 2010

Last week...

I love my friends. 

This weekend is possibly my last free weekend before Nick gets home. 
Him and his LT in Afghanistan have become "BFF's".
I became facebook friends with his wife, Sarah a few months ago.
We FINALLY got together today...she invited a few of the other wives from Tango Battery.
We have one week before our boys are supposed to get home!!!!

My friend Taryn, whom I haven't seen since my BABY SHOWER came out with her two little boys too! 

I've known her since we were both privates in the Marine crazy is that?!?!
We were roomies in MOS school.

She is a SUPER MOM to her two boys (3 and 5)!
I thought it was rough with one baby alone while working full time, but she does it with TWO going through their terrible...3's and 5's.

Of course my badass chicka T-Stahr came out to play as well! I hardly ever to get to see her, but I've been blessed with her presence TWICE in the last month. That rarely ever happens.

Today was fun...
But I am ready for my man to be home!

Sorry for the quality of the pics...they were all taken on my blackberry. Silly me forgot to bring my camera...

Jackson and Dannika...and my prego Danni in the background...hehe.
Taryn and Austin
Little Ryan

And friend T-stahr
Dannika after our evening run on the beach.

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