Saturday, August 21, 2010

More Catching Up

I finally got around to going through my camera.

Turns out, I had a lot of great pictures I forgot I had taken from Nick's homecoming and Lydi and Aaron's wedding.

Enjoy <3 !

This one was taken by Erin Dietrich Photography. It's so neat she captured this. Nick was bombarded by the press at his homecoming. I think it's cause of Dannika :-)
I made him get a picture of him with my sign
Nick's BFF/Irish twin...Geoffrey. We were fortunate enough to have him out here in Cali from Hawaii for Nick's homecoming because he was going through a course that the Marine Corps offers to SNCO's. It was a real treat for Nick, and I finally got to meet him!
As soon as we got home, Nick wanted to feed Dannika. The best way to her heart is through her stomach...
Of course, Nick wanted Tak-A-O Sushi the first night he was back.
Nick came to visit me at work and Dannika fell asleep on our couch in the office.
We met the famous wrestler, "The Great Khali" in the hotel lobby in Houston before going to my sister's rehearsal. Nick is 6'1...the Great Khali is 7'3

This is Nick, Dannika, and one of Nick's good friends from the Marine Corps, "Wilson"...oh and his Harley. He drove ALL the way from Houston to College Station on that thing to visit us! It's become a tradition that we see Wilson every time we get a chance to go to Texas. It was a real treat!
Just for laughs. We wanted to see what my little princess would look like with turned out more "emo" than anything.

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