Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nick's 1st TRUE Experience as a Father


Since Dannika was born, I've been the ONLY one that has EVER had to deal with Dannika's most HORRENDOUS poopy diapers.

The first time I ever had to deal with it was a rushed morning before daycare.
I literally threw her in the tub with all her clothes on.
Her poop had seeped through her diaper all the way up her onesie to her back...(there's a gross picture for you to think of.)
Nick wasn't deployed yet, but he was conveniently at work earlier than me that morning.

The next few times was after he deployed...
I've dealt with teething poopy diapers...
stomach flu poopy diapers...
bad food poopy diapers...
I've seen it all.

I've always told Nick that it will soon be HIS turn...
well...he finally got his turn, and I got it all on video...hahaha.

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