Saturday, October 16, 2010

2nd Annual Romer Family Pumpkin Patch Trip

Nick brought up something cool today on our way to the irvine park railroad's pumpkin patch...

"If we do it twice, then it's a tradition."

We took Dannika last year when she was only 3 months old...
We got some cute photos, but we spent most of the time there trying to "pose" her in different pumpkin patches, and "propping" her up against pumpkins so she wouldn't fall over.

Hard to believe that this was just one year ago...

It was quite a challenge trying to prop up a 3 month old on some pumpkins.


We started off the day with spending the morning at work with mama...
I had to go in for a few hours to monitor a PFT for the XO, and Nick and Dannika were great sports and hung out with me.

Right afterwards, we all went to lunch in Santa Ana at the BCD Tofu House.
It is one of our favorite Korean restaurants in town.

Then it was off to the pumpkin patch!
We had a lot more fun this year because Dannika's more aware of her surroundings.
And with keeping with the "Fall Time" theme, she was wearing her Aggie football jersey...
Being from College Station, I associate all things Fall with football...

Today actually looked and felt like Fall...which is rare is Southern California!

She was having a BLAST on this horse

Representin' the 12th Man in USC Trojan territory

picking out pumpkins with her daddy

getting her face painted

Sooo exhausted! Notice the face paint that ended up above her

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